10 Practical Paris Travel Tips & Hacks

10 Practical Paris Travel Tips & Hacks

Paris is one of the most popular cities in the world! A dream destination for many, the European metropolis might be a bit overwhelming when it comes to planning your trip. So, in this article we listed down the best tips and hacks when traveling to Paris, from the best times to visit, to avoiding scams. Happy reading!

1.Visit off the peak season
If you want to avoid the crowds, the best time to visit Paris is between October and April.
You’ll experience lesser crowds, cheaper tourist rates and a stunning display of nature in the city.

2.Use public transport as much as you can
Taxis and rental cars are very expensive in Paris. The network of public transport is really well laid out and takes you almost everywhere, cheaply, fast and conveniently!

3.Wear comfortable shoes
Once you are in Paris, you’ll realize how much you need to walk. The cobblestone streets of the city are very pretty to look at, but not to walk on. Also, don’t forget the considerable distance of some attractions. You’ll definitely need some good shoes!

4.Avoid scams and pickpockets
Tourists are always a target, so make sure you don’t have large amounts of cash and important documents with you. You can leave those at your hotel. Also, stay away from people giving you bracelets, roses or asking you if you speak English.

5.Always check the opening times
Parisians value their rest. There’s a service break in the afternoon and dinner starts around 7 p.m. Opening times may vary throughout the year, so make it a habit to always check the opening times.

6.Cover up inside churches
It is a general practice to cover your knees and shoulders in a Parisian church. This might not be mentioned at every church, but is definitely a good practice. Also, keep your voice down inside the churches.

7.Book your accommodation in advance
Make sure to book well in advance to not end up compromising. With so many tourists every year, finding a vacancy in your desired hotel may be a bit difficult.

8.Always say “Bonjour”
If you don’t make the effort to say “hello”, “merci” or “au revoir”, it is considered extremely rude.

9.Don’t skip a Seine cruise
One of the most worthwhile experiences in Paris is enjoying a beautiful cruise along the river Seine. There are plenty of cruise options.

10.You can’t see everything on one trip
Paris has a lot to offer, so don’t be disappointed if you’re not able to fill everything in your itinerary.

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