5 Countries That Should Be On Your Fall Wish List

5 Countries That Should Be On Your Fall Wish List

Fall is the perfect time to travel, not only to enjoy the beautiful nature, but it often means lower prices, fewer tourists and of course, the best temperatures.
If you’re planning to travel this fall, here are 5 countries that should definitely be on your wish list!


Visiting Romania during the fall is a must. There are many places in Romania worth visiting in autumn, such as the Carpathian Mountains, where you can admire the most amazing views, especially in autumn when the trees change their colours, offering you the chance to see nature’s true beauty. You can admire the amazing Romanian landscapes while driving on the famous roads like Transfagarasan and Transalpina, two high-altitude roads known for their amazing views. While in the area, you can also visit some famous places like caves, monasteries and small Romanian villages, to enhance your travel experience and feel the real Romanian atmosphere.


There is no better time to visit Switzerland than the fall, when the weather is absolutely perfect! In the country’s southern region, you will find the picturesque city of Lugano, a wonderful blend of Italian, Swiss, and Mediterranean influences. Wine enthusiasts may want to visit the northern shores of Lake Geneva, where the 2050 acres of ancient vineyards known as the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces cover the lower slopes of the mountains each autumn.


Southern Germany is known for some of Europe’s most breathtaking views. With endless forests full of vibrant colours, Bavaria is one of the best places you can visit during the autumn. There are beautiful little towns with colourful houses, waiting to be photographed and some parks with great views invite you to relax.

The summer crowds are back home, local wine festivals are in full swing, and temperatures have dropped to positively comfortable. Autumn in Germany is also known as the season for Oktoberfest, the world’s largest celebration of Bavarian culture.


The fall views in Denmark can’t be compared to any other as its vibrancy will make your mouth drop. In Denmark, they take their harvest seriously during this time which makes the food you’ll eat especially fresh. Autumn in Denmark is full of cosy bars and cafes and the galleries, churches, museums and local businesses open their doors to offer cultural activities for free. There is also the annual festival Kulturnatten, a night full of Danish culture in Copenhagen’s impressive architecture.


Japan has some beautiful places to experience in the fall season. The fall foliage in Japan is at its finest in Kyoto, perfect for walks and taking some memorable pictures. Since the fall season is the second most popular time to visit Japan, the crowds are not gone yet, but the visit is absolutely worth it.

The country’s diverse cuisine has some fall favorites that can’t be missed either, like matsutake mushroom soup, salt-grilled sanma and even pumpkin croquettes. On top of all this, it typically costs a bit less to travel in the fall season than in others.

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