10 Underrated Travel Destinations You Need To Visit

10 Underrated Travel Destinations You Need To Visit

Life is too short to travel to the same popular destinations like every other tourist. While we all love famous places like Paris, New York, Rome, Maldives etc, there is no greater pleasure than discovering a unique and lesser-known place. Instead of following the tourist trail, read our article and find some of the most underrated places that you definitely need to visit at least once in a lifetime.

Lecce, Italy

When people think of Italy, they think of big and famous cities like Rome, Milan, Florence. However, Lecce is one of the best underrated places to visit in Europe! Located in Puglia region, Lecce has an impressive history, delicious cuisine and features unearthed Roman ruins and a stunning Baroque architecture. The historic centre of Lecce is an open-air museum and we guarantee you won’t regret visiting this little hidden-gem of Italy.

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Due to its impressive history and culture, Sarajevo is often called the Jerusalem of the Balkans. It is a truly fascinating city and it is also one of the most affordable travel destinations in Europe. A city of intriguing sights, indulgent cuisine and friendly people, Sarajevo deserves to be on your travel bucket list.

Sibiu, Romania

Sibiu is one of the most popular cities in Romania, a perfect place to wander around and admire the narrow passages, colourful houses, fortified churches and centuries-old buildings. This is one of the most charming places you will ever see and it looks like it was taken straight from a fairy tale!

Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca is an architectural beauty whose historic center was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. Cuenca is absolutely worth a stop. We guarantee this incredible and picturesque town will leave you speechless.

Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

A colourful beach town on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico, Cabo Rojo is home to all the white sands and turquoise seas you expect from a Caribbean getaway. This coastal gem may not be widely known outside of Puerto Rico, but the stunning landscapes and protected beaches make it quite popular among locals.

Dresden, Germany

Art, culture and its position on the river, combined with its lasting beauty and things both new and rediscovered, all contribute to the fascination of the city of Dresden, Germany. Often skipped over in favor of other German cities, Dresden is actually an incredibly fascinating and gorgeous place to visit. The old town is overflowing with charm, while the trendy Neustadt neighbourhood offers a hip and edgy vibe.

Cairns, Australia

One of the most underrated places in Australia is Cairns. Waterfalls, rainforests and beaches all with a sunny backdrop make Cairns an idyllic destination where it’s summer all the time. You definitely shouldn’t miss this Australian gem!

Dakar, Senegal

Dakar, the capital of Senegal, combines rich history with vibrant modern culture. You can relax, surf along the coast, shop at the famous Village des Arts, a complex where local artists create and sell their wares, or visit Saint-Louis city, located North of Dakar, classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000, also known as the Venice of Africa.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Are you a fantasy fan? You need to add Dubrovnik on your bucket list! This city may be best known as the main filming location for King’s Landing in HBO’s hit series “Game of Thrones.” A pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik is known for its rich history and culture, stunning architecture, and picturesque landscapes. The city’s Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and full of historic landmarks.

Glacier National Park, Montana

A trip to Glacier National Park should be on your bucket list. Less visited than Yellowstone, Yosemite or the Grand Canyon, Glacier National Park is one of the top natural wonders in America. Home to more than 700 miles of hiking trails, it’s also an excellent place to go fishing, hiking, biking, horseback riding, or whitewater rafting. No matter what you want to do, you’ll find it in Glacier.

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