Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Spring

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Spring


Spring is almost here and we all know what this means: it’s the perfect time to visit a new country!

The weather is great, the Sun starts to heat up, flowers begin to bloom and the birds sing of joy. What a delight! It’s one of the best moments to enjoy nature and all of its beauties.

If you want to celebrate Spring with a holiday, or simply enjoy the best a country has to offer, here are the best places you need to visit during the amazing Spring months!


Italy is definitely one of the best holiday destinations no matter the time of the year, but Spring is undoubtedly the best season to visit it. The fields are green, the plants are blossoming, and cool breezes complement the warm sun. Whether you choose to visit big cities like Rome, Milan, Florence or Naples or the vast countryside, everywhere in Italy you will have the perfect holiday.


Spring in Japan is a dream! From the breathtaking cherry blossoms to seasonal snacks and centuries-old festivals, there is no better time to visit Japan. The weather is perfect for a day at the beach and it’s not too hot for a few adventures in the mountains.


Spring in France is a unique experience. Considering how cold or hot it can get in France, Spring is the perfect season to visit this beautiful country. A holiday on the French coast or a walk in the City of Love, a visit to the countryside or maybe a trip to Disneyland, whatever you choose you won’t regret visiting France during Spring months.

New York

Spring in New York will make you feel like you are in a movie. You can admire cherry blossoms, recharge with a stroll in the iconic Central Park, check out some baseball games and find a street festival right around the corner.

The weather is sunny, flowers bloom everywhere, squirrels scamper up begging for a bite of your warm donut, an unforgettable experience.


Spring in Greece is a quiet and beautiful time. Lesser crowds, smaller prices and you can visit the impressive islands at your own pace. You can enjoy the favoured tourist hubs like Mykonos, Santorini, Crete or explore the smaller quieter islands for a more relaxed atmosphere. Also, don’t forget the big Greek cities like Athens or Thessaloniki that are definitely worth a visit during the Spring months.


Mexico is a popular destination for tourists all over the world. Spring is great to visit it. Cancun is one of the most popular and best spots to visit during Spring, with lesser crowds and budget-friendly prices. Also, the entire country is full of places that will impress you with their culture, tradition and history.


Thailand is one of the most popular holiday spots in the world and one of the best times to visit it is Spring. The food and life here is very budget-friendly. Weather in Spring is perfect to visit cities like Phuket, Pattaya or Bangkok. This is a great destination to celebrate Spring.

South Africa

South Africa is a great country to visit during Spring months. Life here is very cheap and you can stay in the best hotel and eat the best food for a reasonable price. Considering how hot and crowded the Summer here can be, Spring gives you all the benefits of the good weather, without the hundreds of thousands of other tourists.


Few places in Europe welcome spring in such a colourful way as Madeira. The weather is great, flowers are blooming and you can admire plenty of colour in Funchal during the Flower Festival, an immensely popular event in May, when the streets are full of parades and floats dressed with aromatic blooms. Spring is the perfect time to visit the Portuguese island when a myriad of colourful flowers and trees are in bloom.


What better time to explore the Netherlands? The Netherlands is famous for its tulips and the spring months are when to take advantage of seeing the low-lying country in all its blooming glory. The weather is brighter and warmer and it’s the perfect time to explore the country. Spring in the Netherlands has something in stock for everyone, whether it’s walking, hiking, cycling, freebies, adventure, or just lazing around.


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